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I can tell Essay Example

I can tell Paper I can tell, think, and believe that my online behavior is no different when I am in person with others all day long but the reality is I act differently. I am an introvert by nature, my energy when Interacting with others Is derived from being able to internalize and analyze my thoughts rather than voice them until I am ready. If I were to enter a crowded room, my preference Is to observe my surroundings first and when ready, I would approach someone rather than to Jump right Into a conversation. When I communicate online, I am very comfortable to jump right in; I eve no concerns or feel uneasy, as I am not subjected to the physical or emotional aspects related to having to start a conversation. Anonymity is a powerful force. Hiding behind a fake screen name makes us feel invincible, as well as invisible (Bernstein, 2012, Para. 7). Studies on extroverted or introverted behaviors online have shown that computer-mediated communication might result in more outgoing behavior especially amongst extremely introverted or shy people (Magical- Hamburger, Winnipeg Fox, 2002; McKenna Barge, 2000). Blamer and During 2012) argue that the perceived anonymity and distance of computer-mediated communication help overcome social Inhalations. Milan (2012) described how people tend to exaggerate their persona when online because there Is more time to revise and calculate the content they present than In spontaneous face-to-face Interactions. Recognizing my personality type, being introverted I do behave differently because it is easier for me to overcome my social inhibitions. My emotional reaction to online news and information is dependent upon how passionate I am on the subject matter or the connection it makes based on my own experiences. We will write a custom essay sample on I can tell specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on I can tell specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on I can tell specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer For instance, my ability to feel compassion for the victims off natural disaster causes me to question what the individuals are undergoing, what they think and feel as I see and hear their expressions and reactions. My attempt to answer what it means to be fully human In a virtual space became harder to answer than I Initially thought. My Interpretation of this encompasses one being able to actually do all they can when In person wealth a virtual environment. I think of the simulation game Second Life, that mirrors all aspects of mankind set In a make-believe environment.

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SAT History - PrepScholar 2016 Students Encyclopedia

SAT History - PrepScholar 2016 Students' Encyclopedia SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The SAT was first administered to a few thousand college applicants in 1926. Called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, it was adapted from Army Alpha and Beta tests, intelligence tests used for recruitment during World War I. Psychologist and Princeton professor Carl Brigham helped develop and later adapt these testsfor use in college admissions. The development of this standardized admissions test was partially intended to eliminate bias and equalize educational access among people from different socio-economic backgrounds. Note: this article is a series in the PrepScholar2016 Students' Encyclopedia, a free students' and parents' SAT / ACT guide that provides encyclopedic knowledge. Read all the articles here! The first SAT was 90 minutes long and asked 315 questions on vocabulary and math. In 1933, Harvard president James Conant started a scholarship based on SAT scores. Assistant dean at the time, Henry Chauncey, supported the SAT as a qualifying exam that wouldmeasure intelligence independentof social background. In 1938 he met with the College Board, an organization of top American universities, and encouraged it to adopt the SAT for all scholarship applicants. By 1942, the SAT had become the standard qualifying test for all applicants to participating colleges. Over 300,000 students across the country were taking the SAT by 1944. The SAT has undergone various revisions throughout the years, as well as changes in its name. Its name was first changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test and then to the current SAT Reasoning Test, with the letters SAT no longer an acronym for anything. The current version of the SAT was first administered in 2005. It differed from its predecessor with the elimination of analogy questions and the addition of the essay and Writing section, which changed the maximum composite score from 1600 to 2400. Starting in March of 2016, the SAT will return to a 1600 scoring system and make the essay section optional, along with other revisionsin format, content, and tested skills. In 2009, College Board introduced Score Choice, an option that allows students to decide which of their score reports get sent to colleges. While most colleges support the use of Score Choice, there are a select few that require students to send score reports from all dates they take the test. College Board has been the target of criticism and controversy over the years. One major criticism of the SAT is that it does not fulfill its mission of fairness and equity, but rather favors students from higher income backgroundswhose parents have a higher level of education. Some of the changes made to the SAT may have been motivated to address these criticisms and make the test more accessible to students across socio-economic backgrounds. Other critics question the validity of the SAT's assessment and predictive power for college achievement and readiness. Some colleges have deemphasized SAT scores in their admissions processes by adopting test flexible or test optional policies, allowing students to submit SAT Subject Test or AP scores in lieu of the SAT Reasoning Test or to omit their scores completely from their applications. While students have the option of withholdingtheir SAT scores from SAT optional schools, they may be at an empirical disadvantage when compared with other applicants who choseto send them. The SAT has also been at the center of cheating controversies, particularly as it becomes more popular overseas. In both 2007 and 2013, the scores from all SAT tests taken in South Korea were cancelled. In January 2015, the scores of all students who tested in China and Chinese nationals who tested outside of China were withheld for investigation. SAT security has recently been compromised due to communication technology, College Board's practice of recycling old tests for use overseas, and time zone differences in test administrations. There has also been evidence of cheating in the U.S., the most notable scandal occuring in 2011 in Long Island, New York when high school students hired others to take the SAT for them with falsified identification. To prevent similar instances of cheating, College Board has required students to upload an identifying photograph during registration since2012. Read more from the SAT Encyclopedia! Further Reading History of the SAT: Its Failures and Controversies Cheating on the SAT Spreads to the United States If Your SAT Test Center Has These Problems - SPEAK UP

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Small movie theater-Industry analysis-Competitive analysis-SWOT Research Paper

Small movie theater-Industry analysis-Competitive analysis-SWOT analysis - Research Paper Example concerned to incur expenses differencing their products and services from those of their competitors as well as keeping their prices low in order to attract customers. This will eventually lead to a decrease in the amount of revenue that these businesses fetch. Their profit margins will also be lower. The existing movie theatre industries are likely to benefit from an increase in the barriers to entry. This means that new players to the industry will find it very difficult to enter the market place. Given the analysis, it is very clear that the idea of New Vision Movie Theatre is likely to fail. Being a new player in the market place and given the expected increase in the barriers to entry, it will be very challenging for it to survive. Losses are likely to be incurred as the research industry averages for profitability are very low for a new player in the market place. Growth risk is expected to be medium over the outlook period. It is predicted that the annual industry income is likely to increase by 1.3%. This predicted rise in the growth risk is very minimal and it will be extremely challenging for new players in the market place to keep up with it. The sensitivity risk on the other hand is expected to be low as compared to the previous year in which it was medium. It is expected that the per capita disposable income rise will decrease in the coming year (IBISWorld, 2015). This means that a small movie theatre industry would be a great business idea that is likely to flourish given this kind of prediction. This is because people will be in a position to spend more on leisure activities like going to watch movies in the movie theaters. The risk factor of external competition is however expected to remain constant. This shows that people will still prefer to view movies at their homes using the available entertainment products such as cables, sat ellite television and online streaming platforms. People would prefer to watch movies at the comfort of their homes

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Four Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Four Questions - Essay Example b) Secondly, people who have collective social values are mostly from families or groups with similar social values which either defer to the wishes of the groups or families and also there is a strong influence on the decision making process. People tend to correlate lesser and the work values of people who value individualism and make their own occupational choices. c) There are no constraints for the occupational decision – making process when the individual cultural values are taken into consideration. The decisions taken by people who believe in individualism are generally more important transition points like the graduations from school. These people tend to act on the decisions made more than people who are either collectivism or individualism and more focused on being or being – in – becoming. a) Genetic Endowment and Special Abilities: It has been recognised by Krumboltz that there are certain inherited characteristics which can influence the individuals to a great extent. Examples of these include, race, gender, physical appearance and others like intelligence, musical abilities or even physical coordination. b) Environmental Conditions and Events: These are external forces that influence peoples’ choices. However these play a very important role in the decision making process. Some of these influences are man made while others are natural sources. c) Learning Experiences: Also the experiences that people gain from education and life are both a major part of the decision making process of careers. There are two main types of learning experiences that can be gained, a) Instrumental which are when the individuals act on the environment to produce certain consequences and b) Associative Learning Experience which is more based on external stimuli and gained by pairing two events in time or

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The use of Isotopes in medicine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The use of Isotopes in medicine - Essay Example Thus, isotopes are important in the diagnosis of medical conditions, treatment of certain diseases, and sterilization of equipment and products. The diagnosis of the medical conditions utilizes radioisotopes. Technetium-99 is the commonly used radioisotope, and the radiation from the element offers essential information regarding the functioning of specific organs in order to detect any malfunction. The information from the radiation enables the physicians to make accurate and quick diagnosis of the patients’ illness. Technetium-99 is the most abundant isotope of the radioactive technetium, and can penetrate into the body to provide vital information. Fundamentally, technetium-99 has important characteristics that make it useful in the diagnosis of the medical conditions. Notably, the isotope is metastable. This implies that technetium-99 has excited nucleus that emits the gamma rays to attain stability (Roat-Malone, 2003). Consequently, the emitted gamma rays are significant in medicine because they enable the medical practitioners to image the internal body parts for crucial diagnostic information. It is noteworthy that the gamma radiations are not harmful to the body. The emitted gamma rays contain ideal energy (140.5 KeV) for the detection with the gamma camera (World Nuclear Association, 2015). Similarly, the half-life of six hours makes the technetium-99 a useful element in the diagnosis of disease. In effect, the decay time is enough for the physicians to conduct any medical test. The use of the technetium-99 in the diagnosis of medical conditions has notable advantages, as well as, disadvantages. The property of technetium-99 as a pure gamma emitter is important in the analysis of the internal body parts. Gamma radiation produced by the isotope has energy levels that do not harm the human body (Roat-Malone, 2003). Hence, the radiations are safe and do not interfere with the normal

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Case Study: Developmental Reading

Case Study: Developmental Reading The article attempted to explain how creative activities for third year high school students affect their critical thinking skills. Comparing two groups, the Instruction with Creative Activities (ICA) and the Instruction with No Creative Activities (INCA), the study expected the ICA group to have higher mean scores and mean gains in their Chemistry Test for Higher Order Thinking Skills (ChemTHOTS) and in their pretest to posttest respectively. Although, findings suggest that there are no significant differences between both groups mean test scores, it made a distinguishing suggestion that activities given to each group should have been more varied. Creative Thinking Critical Thinking There have been studies that tried to link creativity with critical thinking, however most findings do not show direct evidence to support this theory. Recommendations range from conducting more investigations on the subject as well as lengthening study period for which the research will be conducted. On the other hand, studies also show that use of varied creative techniques do help students train their imagination. Imagination being a clear use of mental processes way beyond the usual stretching of the brain. Imagination here can then be linked to perspective taking and reflective thinking which are considered high order thinking skills. As children put themselves in different scenarios, find ways to solve problems and visualize certain concepts, they do tap on this very rich brain activity that actually provides basis for better understanding and critical thinking. We can say that as creative thinking explores various evaluative actions, critical thinking, in turn, plays with taking different scenarios. The blending of these processes (as shown from the image I shared on the earlier page) are manifested when we try to see a problem and come up with several ways to solve it or when we try to understand a person, a story or a situation, and put ourselves in different perspectives. This is most evident during play when children try to explore limitless boundaries and when children come up with a creation that they are proud to call their own. In a classroom setting, an important goal is to achieve literacy, a solid understanding of concepts, as well as to sustain learning, its different forms and levels. However, this is a very delicate and complicated feat that entails an interactive approach from the teacher and a response from the learner. Thus making the learning process, a responsibility of all the key players. And aside from the traditional rigid methods, there are various ways to achieve these goals. For the purpose of this study, methods that promote creative thinking like art, play and games are proposed. Concretely, a lesson on Shakespearean plays can be made more colorful if instead of asking students to memorize and discuss lines, they would come up with their own rendition of a particular scene. A lesson on the Solar System can be made more meaningful if instead of just asking students to memorize the different planets and come up with a model, they could pretend to be traveling from one planet to another and from each planet they are to send a postcard describing about their location and their stay there. And a lesson on the different countries of Africa can be made more indelible if instead of just being able to locate them on the map, they would learn a particular dance move and associate that with a country, and then probably come up with their own Countries of Africa dance. The study is most relevant as it is the era when learners want to be more involved with the learning process. They want hands-on, application and practice. It is also the time when it is highly encouraged for the educators to tailor-fit their lessons to varied learners with equally diverse learning styles. It is now a call to educators to sustain their learning and to respond with methods that are perfect match to their learning needs. And in the search for these methods, we find ways to tap on higher levels of thinking skills, providing our students with immeasurable education. As educators, we ourselves are front liners in pursuing this path for our learners. We must engage them in the learning process by providing them with instructional strategies and methods that let them actually grasp what they are trying to understand. We should not limit their minds but rather let them explore the world. And as they go about this exploration, we ourselves should be with them and continuously open our minds and make our world even richer, paving the way for our students. We can never be the architects of the workings of our students minds. I learned this the hard way while insisting to my then two-year old boy that he should learn about and articulate back the life cycle of a butterfly. The only things I got out of that episode were painful tears and disappointment with myself. I should have waited for him to be ready and it would have been best had I tried to look for ways to pique his interest and imaginative skills first. All we can do really is not to design their minds but design lessons they can gradually assimilate with much enthusiasm and through various experiences. As a parent and a future pre-school educator, I should also keep in mind that my children will be growing up pretty fast. Each day is a learning day and there really is no turning back. I should make the most out of the time I am given with them. I should always be able to come up with a great lesson, always enticing their interest and always making sure that they leave the class feeling proud of themselves for creating something. I should help them use their minds in many different ways, always with the goal for them to learn something new. And that, they arrive at such learning not only through reason, but more importantly, with a great deal of sentiment and imagination. Roger Chillingworth | Character Analysis Roger Chillingworth | Character Analysis The Scarlet Letter is a story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is based on the Puritans lifestyle during the 17th century in Boston and Massachusetts. It is written in twenty four chapters starting with The Prison Door and ends with the conclusion. Main characters in the story are Hester Prynne, Pearl, Arthur Dimmesdale, Roger Chillingworth, Mistress Hibbins, Governor Bellingham, and Rev John Wilson. These characters played different interesting parts, some good and some bad. Nevertheless the story is about a woman named Hester Prynne whom the puritans at that time, believed she was a symbolism of adultery, because she was made pregnant by an unknown man, whom hes identity remains a secret until the end of the story. Her long lost forgotten old husband Roger Chillingworth who was assume death, appears in one of the scenes where Hester is been disgraced in public for carrying an unknown mans baby. As a consequence of her adulterous act, she has to carry a letter A on her bosom for t he rest of her life. The A means adultery, and wherever she goes to, she is recognized as the sinful, impure woman. Hester proves shes tough and decides to take all the blames and guilt to protect her lover in a time when women were subordinate to their male partners. Arthur Dimmesdale was a minister, man of God, preacher who the puritans look up to him for spiritual advices. He appears to play a huge role in Hesters shameful atrocities. Moreover, Authors identity as Hesters lover and babys father is kept only by him and Hester, but still she takes all the blames. He valued his appearance more than being a father to the baby and this makes him a hypocrate in the story. His hypocrisy leads him to be sick and finally to his grave after confessing he was the Hesters babys father. A lesson is learning in this for people should not value the nurture appearances than who they really are as a person. This essay will explain the evil role played by Roger Chillingworth in the story. Just by calling his name, a sense of evil can be felt, and a dangerous old man with a scary face can be painted in the mind of the readers. Roger who appeared in one of the scenes when Hester was being punished and disgraced in public, asked an Indian native who appeared to be watching Hester what was going, as he was told what happen, He changed his identity to a physician.( the American literature, pg 1384). No one could recognize him except Hester who spotted him in the crowd. Roger not wanting to expose his identity places a finger on his lip as a gestation for Hester who knew who he was to keep it as a secret. Rogers intention was to go deep in search for the man responsible for Hesters public humiliation; second Roger feels he would be laugh at by the people of Boston if he had been with Hester as a husband after she carried the scarlet letter A. She was young and beautiful carrying someones baby, while he thinks he was too old. He blames himself for marrying her in the first place, because he loved her with all his heart and knew she was always going to make him happy. Things changed unexpected when he takes the responsibility to change his identity so he could be a free man in the city. Roger Chillingworth becomes jealous, and brings out the evil in him. He becomes the main character to play the most interesting and scariest role. Roger Chillingworths character is dynamic, from a regular lost husband, to an unrecognized person in the crowd, to a physician. Roger Chillingworth decision to disguise himself is only known by Hester, but hes main mission was to uncover Hesters secret lover who is suppose to be part of the humiliations. He quickly grabs an opportunity to be close to the minister after he fell sick and forced to receive medical attention from Roger Chillingworth. The minister and Roger Chillingworth quickly became friends as they get to spend most of their free time together. While being a good help to the minister, Roger also goes deep in the ministers mind to bring out the truth about Hester and her hidden lover. Roger Chillingworth suddenly discovers Dimmesdales role in the secret relationship with Hester. Moreover, Arthur also senses something wrong about Roger Chillingworth not knowing he was Hesters husband whom they assume death. David Herbert litrary analysis of the scarlet letter describes Hester instead of Roger Chillingworth as the symbol of evil in the story. Oh, Hester, you are a demon. A man must be pure, just so that you can seduce him to a fall (DHL chapter 7). David Herbert blames Hester for being the cause of destruction in the life of Roger Chillingworth and the minister Arthur Dimmesdale. Roger Chillingworths character could be described as someone, whose act could make the audience think he believed in satanic worships, never the less he simple believe in the Puritans principles and doctrines. As a dynamic character, Roger Chillingworth also brings out a good side from his dark self when he visits Hester in jail, gives her medication for her baby and herself. Being cunning as he has been he confesses to Hester Prynne for putting her in that situation. I, a man of thought, the bookworm of great libraries, a man already in decay, having given my best years to feed the hungry dream of knowledge-what had I to do with youth and beauty like yours? Misshapen from the time I was born, how could I delude myself with the idea that intellectual gifts might veil physical deformity in a young girls fantasy! From the moment when we came down the old church steps together as a married pair I should have foreseen the bale-fire of that scarlet letter blazing at the end of our path.(1391) This act is great and touching, but very disappointing to know he was simply carrying out his evil research to expose the truth. Never the less the both acknowledge the fact that the hurt each other. Hester and the minister feel guilty and to seek redemption, walking away from their sin and disgrace. Hester finds a community service while the ministers consequences for his sin put him into great distress and physical and mentally breakdown. Roger Chillingworth becomes the middle person to understand what Hester and Dimmesdale are going through. He transforms into more evil than he had been. He finds means to destroy Hesters reputation which was already in bondage. As years goes by, Roger Chillingworths transformation makes him the real symbolism of evil in the story. Hester describes Roger Chillingworths past as someone who was a misshapen scholar who was slightly deformed, with his left shoulder a trifle higher than the right (hawthorn 2003, p.50). So hes evil and scary description is not a new thing, but something the author had describes in the beginning, differentiating him from other characters in the story. Over the course of the story, sin becomes part of the main characters life. Arthur is guilty for sinning with a married woman, Hester commits adultery, never the less Roger Chillingworths sin is the biggest of all because all he does is sick revenge to hurt and destroy others. Secondly hes been blame for hes lost that put Dimmesdal and Hester in the mess in which they are in. The puritans believed that every sinner should be punishing, and Hester was just a victim in this case. Hester finds herself in an internal conflict with Roger Chillingworth. She fears the minister being around the fake physician, and fears not tell him that Roger was her husband. She knows how dangerous Roger was. The audience does not understand why she hides the truth from the minister. Hester gets into an external conflict with the environment in which she lived in. she became uncomfortable with every person around her including Roger Chillingworth. The only person she could look up to was the minister, and they only place for them to meet was in the forest. Never the less its not secured because evil Chillingworth would watch from every corner. Men, women, young and old, made fun of her, She had no support and no food for her and the baby Pearl. Living in real life with no family or friend to look up is frustrating. She is frustrated even in her own home because of Roger Chillingworths presence. Conflicts were not only Hesters, but Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth did face conflicts. Dimmesdale cause for his illness and breakdown was as a result of conflicting with his inner self. Hester was the only character to conflict a group of people. This is seen when her child was taken from her, she fights. Hester makes the scarlet letter more fun and wear it in a more fashion way that an ordinary person thought the A stands for an angel from heaven. She decides to keep the letter even when she had the chances of taking it out. The scarlet letter became a symbolism of love to Hesters daughter. She admires it and could identify her mom quick when she had the letter on her bosom. The author presents revenge as an unnatural act that twists a persons soul into something evil. In the puritan world, revenge belongs to God alone, nonetheless, roger takes upon himself to play Gods role and becomes the real Satan that Christian churches preach against. His ability to manipulate over people helps brings out some of the hidden truth thats been kept between Hester and Dimmesdale for a very long time. Rogers cunning conversations, finally puts him in a position to expose and destroy the hidden lovers reputation. Nevertheless Pearl is the symbol of sin committed between the minister and Hester Prynne. Roger Chillingworth is also described as an intellingent man, who intelligence turn to evil and he was so smart to do whatever he did. Arthur Dimmesdale believed he also carried a Scarlet letter deep in his heart even though it wasnt visible. Because of this, he carried most of the pain and sufferings. Roger Chillingworths intention was real evil when he confessed not to kill Hester Prynne or the baby Pearl, but to make Hester suffer for the rest of her life. He wants the truth to be known only by him so he will have the power to carry more evil actions. This thought also tells the audience what an evil person he was. Roger Chilling now not only became a physician but someone to determine evil and good babies. This is seen when he examines Pearl and said she was clean and ok. His intention was not to make Pearl been taken away, instead to keep her with her mother so he would have the opportunity to torment her the more until he became satisfied which he never did. He says complains of Pearl belonging to Hester only and not him, and she would never recognize his voice Live, therefore and hear about thy doom with thee, in the eyes of men and women, in the eyes of him whom thou did call your husband.(Nathaniel Hawthorne, chapter 4) Roger Chillingworth might have been doing the right thing since he himself was the puritan, and anyone in his position would have done the same thing. He tries to make himself a good man throughout the story, none the less, Hester confirms him by saying thy act are like mercy, but they words interpret thee as a terror (pg .1426). Roger Chillingworth and Minister Dimmesdalel never get to be friends after they knew who was who. Dimmesdales revelation puts Roger chillingworth in a difficult position. He became frustrated and doesnt know who to blame and toment anymore.

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Wilson’s League of Nations and Its Legacy Essay -- United Nations Hist

Wilson’s League of Nations and Its Legacy As much of the world lay in shambles as the closing to the War to End All Wars approached, President Woodrow Wilson contemplated the global state of affairs. In his Fourteen Points, Wilson expresses his desire for â€Å"a just and stable peace† and outlines ways in which to accomplish it. One of his points—the fourteenth—suggests the creation of a group of nations with a common purpose. As his idea took root, it grew into the League of Nations. Despite good intentions, the League of Nations proved too weak to be effective at the outbreak of World War II. Even though the League itself failed, the legacy of its framework and missions live on in the current international system, most obviously in the United Nations. Stated in The Fourteen Points, Wilson’s idea of the purpose of the proposed â€Å"general association of nations† was to â€Å"afford mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.† Wilson was of the belief that the victory of democracy over absolute rule would result in the victory ...

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Origins of Psychology Essay

This theory was developed by Sigmund Freud in the early 1900’s and paved the way for modern psychology in the early 1900’s. This theory deals with the deep, inner and mysterious core of the human psyche, in search of understanding the psychology of the human being. It is also closely connected with evolutionary perspectives on personality. Behaviorist : The primary focus of the behavioral perspective is on behavior and the influence of the external environment in shaping of the individual’s behavior. Teaching, therefore, refers to the environmental conditions that are arranged and presented to students. Some of the key behaviorist theorists in the field of psychology are viz. , John Watson, B. F. Skinner, and E. L. Thorndike. Teachers who draw from behaviorist theory tend towards active learning (or â€Å"learning by doing†). The teacher determines all of the skills needed to achieve the desired behavior and students learn them in a step-by-step manner. Humanist : The focus of the humanistic perspective is on the self, which translates into â€Å"YOU†, and â€Å"your† perception of â€Å"your† experiences. This veiw argues that you are free to choose your own behavior, rather than reacting to environmental stimuli and reinforcers. Issues dealing with self-esteem, self-fulfillment, and needs are paramount. The major focus is to facilitate personal development. Two major theorists associated with this view are Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. Cognitive : The school of psychology that examines internal mental processes, such as creativity, perception, thinking, problem solving, memory, and language. Cognitive psychologists are interested in how a person understands, diagnoses, and solves a problem, concerning themselves with the mental processes that mediate between stimulus and response (Garvey,1999) Neuro-scientific / Bio-psychological : The neuro-scientific framework seeks to relate behavior and mind to the brain. The important overall point of a neuro-scientific perspective is that analyses of normal or abnormal function need to be informed by an understanding of the brain structures and processes that implement the function. Psychiatrists need to monitor emerging work that highlights the need for both a neuro-scientific and medical perspective in the management of complex disorders. Evolutionary : Evolutionary psychology is the science that seeks to explain through universal mechanisms of behavior why humans act the way they do. Evolutionary psychology seeks to reconstruct problems that our ancestors faced in their primitive environments, and the problem-solving mechanisms they created to meet those particular challenges. From these reconstructed problem-solving adaptations, the science then attempts to establish the common roots of our ancestral behavior, and how those common behavioral roots are manifested today in the widely scattered cultures of the planet. The goal is to understand human behavior that is universally aimed at the passing of one’s genes into the next generation. Socio-cultural : The social-cultural perspective concentrates on the culture of a group of individuals or society as a whole rather than the individual. To understand why people tend to show certain behavior traits, mental health clinicians look at what affects the community as a group of individuals might have on their own thought processes. Some of the questions pondered are if a person behaves a certain way to be accepted or commits an act because it is accepted amongst their society.

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Struggle to Write a Classification Essay Read Our Tips!

Struggle to Write a Classification Essay Read Our Tips! The Most Complete Classification Essay Guideline If you are not an expert in statistics and don’t find it simple to research information, analyze it and break into various categories, you will surely find classification essays quite a challenging task. Regular students don’t face such essays on a daily basis, so when they are assigned with a classification essay they are usually scared and nervous, not even knowing what the task is about. Below you will find all the necessary answers to be able to complete the task on your own. In case you have difficulties with completing various types of college assignments, need professional assistance or a piece of advice, you are free to contact our writing service. Getting an outstanding paper has never been so simple! How to Create a Classification Essay? Most of the students don’t know what this task means, so first, it is important to get familiar with its definition. This is an assignment the main purpose of which is to categorize characters, points or subjects, which have similar features. Both high school and college students have to write such essays from time to time, so you will most likely have to deal with it. To get a clearer picture of the task, here is a simple example: goods that we order online are categorized into ‘incoming’, ‘processed’, ‘completed’ and ‘delivered’. In the following sections you will learn how to write a classification essay with ease. Working on a Classification Essay Outline In case you don’t know where to begin, you should always start with an outline. First, decide what the title of your future work will be and then proceed with the structure of content and methodology. It is crucial for the overall success, because proper structure makes it simpler to understand your message. Write down the main ideas on a separate piece of paper, as it will give you a clearer image of how to break the text into required parts and to organize them logically. Delete useless parts and rate the rest depending on chronology or significance. Good advice is to number every part, which will help you to work on different sections depending on your mood and inspiration. Common outline of a classification essay: Introduction; First category; Second category; Third category; Conclusion. Once your outline is ready, it is the right time to work on your classification essay introduction. Introductory Section and Thesis Statement You should start your essay with a clear explanation of what you are going to categorize, what your reasons are and what you are willing to achieve as a result. A good idea will be to insert a hook in the beginning, which may contain: Facts or statistics; A rhetorical question; A quote; A metaphor, simile or allegory; Anecdote; Story from your own life. Every student knows that the key part of any introduction is the thesis statement. It can be considered a foundation of an essay, so a powerful and persuasive thesis can make the reader realize important parts, agree with your ideas, as well as hold the attention of the audience. As for classification essay, thesis defines methodology you are willing to test. Indicate your expectations and forecasts, which should be supported along the text. You can also identify classes and give their brief explanation. Remember, your thesis statement should close introduction and open the conclusion. Conclusion of a Classification Essay Conclusion is the final part of your essay, where you put together all the analyzed and tested classes. Make sure you summarize and briefly describe each category. Think whether a certain category stands out from the rest and can be recommended to the reader. You should also paraphrase your thesis statement without introducing any new details and facts. Body Paragraphs Structure and Transition Words The main paragraphs of your work contain key information about categories you decide to highlight. That is why it is important to stick to a common structure and choose proper transition words in order to create an outstanding essay. Every paragraph should consist of: Criteria explanation; Discussing all of the strengths and weaknesses; Practical examples in order to describe a certain category. When it comes to transition words, you just need to print out a list of the most common ones. There are plenty of them in English, you’ll easily find the most suitable ones depending on your goals and text style. Here are only some of them: to demonstrate, in fact, in the background, with attention to, etc. 25 Interesting Topics for Your Classification Essay Our experts have made a list of topics to boost your imagination if you lack ideas. Just choose a category you are interested in and select a topic or invent that appeals to you! Sports Topics Female athletes in the Olympic Games; Sports industry analysis; How sports sponsorship works; Gambling in sports; Ethics in sports. Cinematography Topics Novel-based films; Popular TV shows in Europe; The most famous actresses in France; Categorization of modern movies; Genres of the 20th century movies. Nutrition Topics The best exercises to remain slim; Best food supermarkets in the UK; Industry of ecological products; Most harmful drinks; The best ideas for breakfast. Topics About Animals Domestic animals; Classification of mammals; The most dangerous species; Rare animals, living in Asia; Endangered European species. Music Topics French music; Popular British singers; Rock legends; Morality in modern music; Different music genres in the 21 th Examples of Classification Essays This type of assignments is often given by literature tutors, so most of the students won’t do it without tips or samples of writing on one of the familiar topics. If you are to categorize works of certain authors, you need to divide them into following categories: A drama paragraph; A poetry paragraph; A nonfiction paragraph; A prose paragraph. When you have completed the assignment, don’t forget to check it thoroughly. Reread your essay multiple times until you are sure it contains no mistakes. If English grammar and lexis is not your strongest side, we are ready to offer editing and proofreading services. Professional linguists and editors will fix even the smallest mistakes and polish your work. Now you are ready to create an outstanding classification essay. Just start writing the first line and you will see there is nothing difficult. Especially if you contact our experts!

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Free Essays on John Mccain

John McCain’s 2000 Presidential Campaign Senator John McCain gave a powerful speech today for the Reagan Republican Party. He proclaimed he was the better candidate. He said â€Å"I will not padlock the Republican Party, and surrender the future of our nation to Speaker Gephardt and President Al Gore. He stood firm in his beliefs and brought strength to conservatives around the nation. He proclaimed that he will restore faith in those who have lost faith in the Republican Party. Evangelical leaders such as Chuck Colson and James Dobson were among praise but Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were revengefully attacked within the speech. The speech continued with religious views and tells a short story of how he belongs to a faith that â€Å"unites and never divides.† He wants to restore the people’s trust in the government and their pride in public service. He is â€Å"building a new Republican majority, a majority to serve the values that have long defined our party and made our county great.† He feels that no fear should be bestowed upon him because he will â€Å"honor his obligations to the old and young.† Although he is strongly Republican later in his speech he mentions that he would first cut taxes for those who need it most. He ends his speech with â€Å"Join us, and welcome anyone of good faith to our ranks. We should be- we must be- a party as big as the country we serve.†... Free Essays on John Mccain Free Essays on John Mccain John McCain’s 2000 Presidential Campaign Senator John McCain gave a powerful speech today for the Reagan Republican Party. He proclaimed he was the better candidate. He said â€Å"I will not padlock the Republican Party, and surrender the future of our nation to Speaker Gephardt and President Al Gore. He stood firm in his beliefs and brought strength to conservatives around the nation. He proclaimed that he will restore faith in those who have lost faith in the Republican Party. Evangelical leaders such as Chuck Colson and James Dobson were among praise but Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were revengefully attacked within the speech. The speech continued with religious views and tells a short story of how he belongs to a faith that â€Å"unites and never divides.† He wants to restore the people’s trust in the government and their pride in public service. He is â€Å"building a new Republican majority, a majority to serve the values that have long defined our party and made our county great.† He feels that no fear should be bestowed upon him because he will â€Å"honor his obligations to the old and young.† Although he is strongly Republican later in his speech he mentions that he would first cut taxes for those who need it most. He ends his speech with â€Å"Join us, and welcome anyone of good faith to our ranks. We should be- we must be- a party as big as the country we serve.†...

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Bush Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Bush - Article Example t this program successfully, Bush directed the Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to set up the National Health Information Technology Coordinator (Thomson, 2014). In 2005, the HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt took initiative to establish American Health Information Community, a federally chartered commission, with intent to accomplish President Bush’s aim of having majority Americans using interoperable electronic health records within 10 years. Although this initiative started off strongly during the term of Bush, it has gradually fallen off for the recent years. As per Duane Morris report (2009), privacy and security concerns were the most potential barriers to the implementation of this initiative. Issues related to unauthorized access to records and privacy concerns prevented the implementation of technology. Some other security concerns include trespassing by an outsider, theft or loss of devices like laptop or mobile phone, or theft while transmitting information through a wireless network. In order to address the General Accounting Office’s concerns regarding information privacy, HHS initiated several projects including the commission that strategically determines the certification criteria for electronic medical records. According to GAO, it is essential â€Å"to establish the high degree of public confidence and trust needed to help ensure the success of a nationwide health information network† (Psych iatric news). In addition, unresolved debates over whether to employ an individual’s Social Security number hampered HIPAA implementation standards. Issues associated with general security practices also have weaken the scope of this policy. The higher costs related to this policy also became a barrier to the implementation of the proposed change. The concerned officials indicate that hardware and software maintenance throughout the organization involves higher costs. According to the Harvard researchers’ findings (cited in

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The Skylark Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Skylark - Essay Example This poem is studied and interpreted a number of times for analysis. Although an atheist himself, the Skylark is quite remarkable for its hints of a supreme being, although a bit indirectly only. He was also a fierce idealist who refused to compromise. He led an unconventional bohemian lifestyle representative of most people who are very creative. He traveled a lot and moved his residence several times, depending on his whims. Shelley’s â€Å"To a Skylark† is considered one of the greatest poems during the romantic English period. In this poem, Shelley used the poem to transform a reader’s consciousness by use of metaphor and simile to a great extent. The language used conveys the message which is at once active and urgent as expressed in the bird’s upwards flight (Shelley xlii). In the first few stanzas of the poem, the poet addressed the lark for the extreme noise it is making, efforts to distract potential predators because it nests on the ground and is therefore very vulnerable. Its noise is actually designed to distract predators from its nest and it continues to sing even while it is mostly unseen. Shelley compares it similarly to the human spirit that is unseen too. The purpose of the similes used by Shelley is to enhance the reader’s appreciation of the seemingly simple joys of a skylark. Shelley himself believed that poetry is essentially just a series of metaphors which utilize language’s vitality to demonstrate something abstract into something more concrete (ibid.). â€Å"To a Skylark† actually addresses a number of recurrent but important human themes such as joy, inspiration, idealism and aspirations which are largely intangibles but real nonetheless for all of us. The way to appreciate the poem’s merits is to fully realize that a poem is vitally metaphoric in nature. It is now up to the reader to use his imagination and creative thoughts to capture what the poet is trying to convey. All of these literary